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Einige Menschen haben sich damals die Mühe gemacht, meine Musik zu beschreiben.

Joshua (2/00): "I was wondering if you would be intrested in having your music played on a documentary film that will be shown in 5 film festivals and on the internet."

Chuck wrote (10/99): "We have listened to your song Salsera Bionda on MP3.COM, and we like your very song much! We wanted to know if you would be interested in making your music available on a CD that we are producing that teaches American DJs about Latin music." I am!

Chris wrote (11/99): "I like that combination of dance rythmns with salsa on Salsa Luhia. Do you have more of that stuff? I was working on that, please check HOT Salsa.

Kali H. wrote (11/99): "Apparently, Germans can be quite funky if given half the chance. Pirnov's Paradoxon makes mellow keyboard-fronted instrumental numbers with one eye focused on the funk sound." Kali, Germans ARE funky, check Acid Groove !

Melissa P. wrote (12/99): "Soft Easy Listening instrumentals sample a variety of world music styles within jazz-heavy atmospheres. Gentle Funk, soft beats and '70s melodies maintain a pop quality." Melissa must have listened to Fantasies

Gene wrote (3/00): "Remember when you knew Paul Simon had absolutely hit it right with Graceland? This man Pirnov, or this machine-man, has soul that is as pure as sound itself, and grace and flourish. Pirnov lets you live again." It is a promo blurb - or the truth, Gene? ;-)